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Privacy Policy

RXLCHEMIST – Privacy Policy
Data Protection
Adhering to the data-protection act, we understand how imperative it is to prioritize the protection and security of our customer's data. As a customer would wordlessly desire that his/her information is not dissipated across the internet, or to any other third-party for any reasons, what so ever, we pledge to our motto to not let any unauthorized personnel to have access to them.
Secrecy of Private Information
Business and financial transactions may put us through to unavoidable circumstances where we require your personal details, like your name, billing and contact information, your email address, and card details. As you confer your trust upon us with these sensitive information, we diligently abide by the business ethics in keeping the information safe. Our secrecy policy ensures that this information is strictly utilized for sole business purposes, and never will this information be misused by our organization, or any of our employees.
Usage of Customer's Information
As the privacy policy clearly suggests that the information will not be released without your consent. However, we do interact with our partner concerns for hosting rewards and membership programs. With regards to such pre-agreed terms, some specific information of the customer may be revealed to other departments within the organization, or with other partners. These information will only be unveiled to a third-party, or a partner in case you agree with the terms and conditions for the membership program that required disclosure of information. If a customer is a member of such a program, one may require to contact the third-party concern and request them to relinquish the possession of the information.
We hate Spam
We do not like to bother our customers with unwanted information that might be seemingly purposeless. Hence, our privacy policy is strictly against spamming our customer's mailbox. However, we might take delight in keeping you informed about any important amendments to the company policy that you must be aware of, newsletters, or discount offers for the products you might be interested in. Our customers would always have a choice to opt out of such messages.