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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
1.      Privacy
We assume that you have agree with us on all the terms and condition clauses mentioned in the, 'Privacy Policy,' page of our website. Moreover, we also own the right to make amendments to the terms relating to the Privacy Policy or any other section, however, information of utmost importance regarding the same, will be informed to the you via an email.

2.      Products and Refunds
We would appreciate you understanding that all the medicinal products displayed on the website, are made available from around the world. In an event of unavailability of a product you pitched for, a reimbursement, either in form of a refund, or a credit note, will be provided to you.

3.      Delivery of Goods
All products are shipped via, International Airmail, or Express Mail Service. In assurance to the accurate delivery of the products ordered, all the orders are to be signed and acknowledged at the time of receiving the product.

In instances where the product is not delivered on the expected time, we request you to contact out team at,, with the order confirmation number. Though, the order number is desirable, if otherwise is the case, you may provide us with your name, shipping address used at the time of order, and the approximate date of the order to help us track you order.

We always welcome your email, however if you are provided with a tracking number for your order, we would kindly request you to seek more information at the shipment office's website first, to know the whereabouts of the package.

4.      Shipping Information

Please allow us with a buffer time of 2 business days to process your order. The processing time is for the documentation and appropriate channelling of your order, before the package leaves our warehouse.
You can expect your package to arrive at your door step within, 5 – 10 business days, if you choose Express Shipping. Or, it may arrive in, 10 – 15 business days, when sent via International Airmail.

If you require any further information about the shipping, we genially invite you to get in touch with our team at,
5.      Orders and Return Policy
RxlChemist sets no cap on the quantity of order placed. However, due to certain internal policies, we request new customers to limit their order amount to $400 USD, for their first order with us.

We assume no responsibility in complexities, if any, that arises from licensing issues, any law or governmental restrictions on the quantity of order, storage of the product, etc.

The credit/debit card, or any other mode of payment you choose, that is allowed within the guidelines of our company, would charge the card immediately as a process of authorization.

An email confirmation is sent without fail, for all successful orders.

No changes to the order, cancellation, amendments, or upgrade, will be entertained after 24 hours from the time of placement of the order, as the order is sent for further processing. You may inform us about the changes to your order at,, with your order confirmation number, and with the new details.


RxlChemist stresses on customer satisfaction, and it is our responsibility to ascertain the quality of the delivered product is the same as it was promised by our company. If you infer after thorough inspection of the product being delivered, that the product fails to live up to the quality, you may return the package within 10 days from the date you received the package.

We will supplant the product with a one with the promised quality, or may refund the amount back you.

However, it is to note that RxlChemists takes no responsibility, howsoever, if the product is damaged while shipping, changes brought forth by the manufacturer of the product, damages originated by improper handling, or errors made by customers while placing the order.

6.      Refund Policy

RxlChemist promises a 100% money-back guarantee, or reshipment of the order. Please refer to the following points that makes the above statement eligible:

1.      The received package does not resemble the original order.
2.      The received package seems to be damaged (please refer to the, “Orders and Returns,” section).
3.      The quality of the product tends to be lacking than what was promised. (please refer to the, “Orders and Returns,” section).

In case the customer realizes that there had been an instance of wrong order, he/she return the order within 10 days, however all the charges incurred in the shipping while returning the order, will be borne by the customer.

If circumstances are such that the order doesn't arrive on time, you must immediately contact us at,, so we can initiate an investigation on the same without any further delay. If the order does not arrive in the next 5 days after your interaction with our team, you may be eligible for a reshipment or the order, or a whole refund for your order.
7.      Online Privacy and Protection

We detest hackers and other information thieves as much as you do. Moreover, your information safety is of sheer importance to us. Therefore, we believe in safe and precautionary measure to guarantee a smooth business transaction. All the transactions you will ever do with our website will be SSL encrypted. Apparently, while your information traverse from your computer to our server, will be concealed.

8.      Disclaimer

We assume that you agree with the terms and conditions aforementioned. In addition, all the medicinal products you order from our website are for personal use, and not meant for re-sale. If you wish to re-sale the products, it will be entirely at your own discretion.

We also infer that you do have a medical prescription approved by a medical practitioner. The drugs and therapeutic products made available on this website, may have side effects or other risks involved that are specific to your health condition and physiology. Therefore, we request that you consult your physician before deciding on any of the drugs.

We would deduct that you understand that we are the first point of contact for you, in case of any misunderstanding in an order or transaction. We could sort your querier without you even needing to contact the disputes department of your bank.
            For any further queries, or questions, feel free to contact us at,